Posted by Pam Reihs ● March 24, 2020

Insurance CE Webinars: The Best Way to Meet CE Requirements


Do you want a simple way to get your insurance continuing education done, without tests, without monitors, and without leaving your home or office? Insurance CE Webinars are your new best friend.

Never heard of getting CE credit for a webinar? You are not alone. CE webinars have not been around very long, but have quickly gained traction in the insurance industry as the best of all CE solutions. You can attend live, engaging, interactive courses on current topics of interest from anywhere with an internet connection. There are NO final exam questions to answer and NO monitor or proctor requirements! Pay attention and respond when prompted to do so, and your CE credits are submitted electronically. Boom! You are done!

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How long do CE Webinars last?

Most of the CE webinars A.D. Banker & Company offers are 2-4 hours in length, segmented into 50 minute hours with a 10 minute break every hour to stretch your legs or check email and get coffee. In a state like Colorado, where live training is required for long-term care certification, 5 and 8 hour webinars are also available. Producers are no longer forced to travel or stay overnight in locations where live training is offered; certifications can now be maintained, using live webinars, from any distance, including out of state.

Do webinars satisfy live CE requirements for my state?

The short answer is, yes. Webinar approvals are based on existing live classroom CE requirements. In fact, CE Webinars will satisfy the classroom and classroom-equivalent portion in every state that mandates these training methods be a part of producer CE:

  • Iowa - only 1/2 of CE hours can be self-study/online
  • Illinois - 3 hours of ethics must be completed in a live setting
  • Texas and Utah - 1/2 of CE hours must be taken as in live class or classroom-equivalent
  • New Mexico - 3 hours of 24 required must completed in a live setting

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What times are CE Webinars available?

Webinar CE courses are live, never prerecorded. A.D. Banker & Company CE webinars run 5 days a week, 11 hours a day. Sessions typically start at 8:30 am Eastern, with 3 separate classes offered everyday. Early risers on the West coast can complete 3 to 4 hours CE before 10:00 am. The last session of the day usually begins at 3:30 Eastern, allowing those non-morning folks to log in towards the end of their workday on the East coast, while those on the West coast can start a CE course over their lunch hour. It doesn't get much more convenient than that.

Will CE webinars ever be recorded and available on-demand?

While all states and territories allow live webinar CE, several do not allow recorded webinars to count towards CE unless treated as online or self-study, which brings back in the exam and/or proctor rules. Is this a possibility in the future? Time will tell, as technology advances, so too will your choices for CE fulfillment. A.D. Banker & Company will always be the provider of choice when it comes to cutting-edge content and delivery.

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Continuing Education Webinars: Live online "classroom" courses... NO EXAMS!