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Posted by Alex McCoy ● December 19, 2019

Resources: New in A.D. Banker for Business

Resources: New in AD Banker for Business

Sometimes you need to share documents and links with your students during their studies. The question is -- how do you do this? It is not always as straightforward and easy as it should be. Too often, simply sharing a document or link involves too many steps. This is where the new Resources feature in A.D. Banker for Business comes in.

What are Resources?

Resources give you the ability to upload documents or web links and share them with your team and students. The Resources you upload can easily be added to any of your students' online courses during or after enrollment.

Resources add a layer of customization and flexibility for your team to conveniently share relevant and timely information with your students during their Prelicensing and Continuing Education studies.


How can I use Resources?

Here are some common ways Resources can be used:

  • PDF of Program Road Map/Study Calendar
  • PDF Form to fill out and send when course is complete
  • PDF of supplemental study tips or test tips
  • Link to register for a licensing exam
  • Link to survey to fill out when course is complete

The use-cases are endless and we are excited to see how this feature is used.


You can start working with the Resources feature in the “Resources” tab of the A.D. Banker for Business platform. We look forward to seeing you take advantage of the new features and would love to hear your feedback. Get in touch with our team for a quick demo, or sign up for an account to experience it yourself!

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