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Posted by Barb Gavitt, CDEI, ITP, SILA-F ● March 23, 2022

Remote Testing for Licensing: Everything you Need to Know


Updated March 29, 2023 at 11:15 am CDT

What is remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring, or commonly referred to as remote testing, allows insurance and securities licensing candidates the opportunity to take a licensing exam 24/7 at a remote location that meets the requirements while maintaining the integrity of the licensing exam. Individuals monitor the test-taker remotely through a webcam.

Download the Remote Testing Map

A.D. Banker hosted an Insurance Trends 2020 webinar on July 23 to discuss everything you need to know about remote testing and the latest states offering this service. 

Is remote proctoring temporary? 

No, remote proctoring is here to stay. The first state to offer remote proctoring was Washington in October 2019. Since the COVID-19 restrictions, many other states and FINRA have followed suit. The ability to test remotely is a permanent solution and will be available to test-takers in those states going forward.

Will test results be known immediately after the exam is complete?

Yes, candidates will know if they pass immediately after completing the exam. A score report will be emailed after the exam is complete.

What are the technology requirements for remote proctoring?

Each exam vendor provides their own information regarding technology requirements. The most basic requirements are a computer with internet access, a webcam, and microphone. To learn more, visit your test vendors' relevant pages dedicated to remote testing:

What are the remote proctoring guidelines for licensing exams?

Licensing candidates will need to meet the following guidelines and restrictions:

  • Show valid ID to the proctor
  • All candidates must do an environmental scan of 360 degrees around the room and under their desk with a moveable web camera
  • No pets, children, or other visitors are allowed in the testing area
  • No breaks allowed for insurance exams
  • Area must be well lit and uncluttered
  • No food or drink is allowed
  • Apparel restrictions include: no large jewelry, no heavy outerwear, hooded sweatshirts, apparel with large pockets
  • If wearing corrective glasses, they will need to be removed and inspected on camera
  • Hair must be tucked behind ears, if applicable

Which states offer remote proctoring for insurance licensing exams?

The current states offering remote proctoring for insurance state exams include:


Download Remote Testing Map


Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut Florida
Georgia Idaho Indiana Iowa
 Kansas Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana  North Dakota Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee
Utah Virginia Vermont Washington
Wisconsin Wyoming    

How do I stay informed on remote proctoring updates?

Subscribe to the A.D. Banker email list. We are sending out updates as we get more information from each state and exam provider.

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