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Posted by Admin ● December 13, 2013

New Consumer Protection CE Course Available

December 13, 2013:  A.D. Banker & Company is continually expanding its library of General Topic CE courses to include new and current topics most often requested by producers in the industry.  Consumer Protection is just such a course and is already approved in 24 states for Online or Self-Study continuing education credits.

Insurance contracts can be complex and confusing, especially to the consumer. Insurance professionals are accountable for their representation of every contract they sell. This course explores the roles of the National Association of insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the Federal Insurance Office play the regulation of illegal trade and claims practices.  Other topics include:                                                                                 

  * Privacy Rules and Regulations
  * Telemarketer Sales Rules
  * Can-SPAM Act
  * Do Not Track          

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A.D. Banker & Company offers other Continuing Education live via Classroom and Webinar, as well as Online and Self-Study.  Other CE course topics include:  Anti- Money Laundering, Annuity Suitability, Adjuster, Long-Term Care Partnership, Ethics, Flood, Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, Navigators, and many more.                                                                          

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