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Posted by Admin ● August 8, 2017

NAIC News Release - Legendary Actress Rita Moreno Encourages Seniors to "Keep Moving" in New PSA


Legendary Actress Rita Moreno Encourages Seniors to "Keep Moving" in New PSA
PSA part of NAIC’s senior education campaign on financial planning and insurance preparedness

PHILADELPHIA (Aug. 8, 2017) —The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) today announced the launch of a nationally televised public service announcement (PSA) starring Rita Moreno, one of only 12 people to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. The PSA is the next phase of Moreno's partnership with the NAIC to encourage seniors to get smart about their insurance policies and financial plans as part of NAIC's Insure U consumer education campaign.

Rita has enjoyed a distinguished career spanning seven decades, but she is no stranger to the challenges faced by many seniors with their insurance policies and personal finances. During their 46-year marriage, Rita's husband Leonard was solely responsible for handling the family's financial affairs. After his passing, she was not only emotionally exhausted, but completely unprepared to take on complex insurance and financial matters. Rita emerged from the experience motivated to help older Americans avoid similar situations.

"I was fortunate to have a close friend help me figure out my policies and plans after my husband passed, but not everyone is so lucky," said Moreno. "End-of-life conversations are tough, but necessary. That's why the Insure U campaign is so important — these resources can help families navigate discussions so they make the best insurance and financial decisions for themselves and their families."

The new, high-energy PSA gives viewers a look at a "day in her life" and is rooted in Rita's simple, yet meaningful, life motto: "keep moving." Rita hopes her message inspires families to make smart insurance and retirement planning decisions together.

"Rita's story is a great example of why NAIC launched its Retirement Security Initiative. Unfortunately, many consumers don't take time to get educated about their long-term financial well-being," said Ted Nickel, NAIC President and Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner. "We're excited to continue this partnership with Ms. Moreno. We are confident her PSA will encourage baby boomers and seniors to talk about retirement, insurance and financial planning sooner rather than later."

To get started, Insure U offers the following tips:

  • Sharing is caring. If your plans and policies are a mystery to your spouse or partner, don't wait to share. An open exchange of information is vital to ensure you are both prepared if one of you is unable to provide information.
  • Ask the experts. When reviewing your plans and policies, do not make assumptions. A call to your state insurance department can help clear up confusion about insurance policies and ensure you are not carrying more insurance than necessary, which may help save money and prevent fraud.
  • Pass it on. Make sure your adult children understand your long-term care plans, life insurance policies, end-of-life wishes and the importance of planning ahead for their family. "This situation really made my daughter think," said Rita. "She learned a very valuable lesson from my experience."
  • Help is available. If a loved one has passed away and you need help locating their life insurance policies and annuity contracts, NAIC's Life Insurance Policy Locator may be able to help. Just complete the request form and the NAIC will inquire with participating companies to track down the information you need.

The TV PSA is the latest addition to the NAIC Retirement Security Initiative communications. Other assets include a nationally distributed radio PSA and "Life Unscripted," a video series featuring Rita's take on modern advancements, such as social media and the sharing economy, and lessons learned after her husband's death. To help seniors get insurance-smart and avoid fraud, NAIC also created 10 Tips to Help Seniors Navigate the 21st Century, a downloadable checklist of information all seniors should know about the sharing economy, social media, long-term care, living with adult children, annuities and more.

For unbiased tips and tools to help consumers understand their insurance options, visit www.insureuonline.org. Consumers who need insurance information specific to where they live can contact their state insurance commissioner.

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