Posted by Tim Eads ● January 3, 2020

January-June 2020 Schedule Update

January - June 2020 Class Schedules Now Available

We are excited to announce our upcoming webinar and live class schedule for January-June 2020, and other recent product improvements. Here is a summary of the changes and what it means for you.

Texas Adjuster Online Course

Two new Texas Adjuster Online Licensing Courses were recently added to our lineup. The Texas Independent “All Lines” Adjuster License (includes Workers’ Comp authority) and Texas Independent “Property and Casualty” Adjuster License (without Workers’ Comp authority) both meet the state exam requirements for Texas residents to become licensed as independent adjusters.

WCAG Compliance Standards

The A.D. Banker & Company website, learning management system, flashcard app, and A.D. Banker for Business platform now meet the 2.1 A and AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

A.D. Banker for Business: Rapid Enrollment 2.0

The new Rapid Enrollment gives you:

  • A modernized, simple, and clean user interface
  • More customization for your students' experience
  • Better information, clearer instructions, and error messaging

Rapid Enrollment 2.0 makes enrollment quicker and easier, with more flexibility and customization over your licensing process than ever before.

A.D. Banker for Business: Resources

Resources give you the ability to upload documents or web links and share them with your team and students. The Resources you upload can easily be added to any of your students' online courses during or after enrollment.

State Specific and National Brochures

Here are the brochures for states where we are holding live, in-person classes. We provide a National January-June 2020 Class Schedule that applies to all states.

For information about scheduling special classes for groups of students, please contact us.

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