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Posted by Barb Gavitt, CDEI, ITP, SILA-F ● February 27, 2023

Introducing the New Property and Casualty Online Course


We are excited to release the latest edition of the A.D. Banker Property and Casualty online course. It has been completely redesigned to increase student engagement and achieve even better state exam results.

Property and Casualty Course Features

This course is mobile friendly and includes upgraded features that appeal to all learning styles and needs.

Customized by Content Outline Exam Topics

Because the testing providers concentrate on different topics, we have created P&C courses that are unique to the providers' exam content outlines. The benefit of customizing the course is to help students focus only on the content they need to pass the exam in their state.


Microlearning is a successful learning strategy designed to keep information short, concise, and easier for students to digest. Dividing our course content into smaller segments helps students maintain concentration and retain information.

Chapt 3 slide

Storyline: Insurance in Action

The highlight of our new course is a feature called "Insurance in Action," which is a storyline that is interwoven throughout each chapter. This provides a basis for WHY a new agent needs to understand insurance products and coverages and HOW they can apply this information to real life. By using this approach, learners feel a connection to the family in the story, which will help them recall relevant information when taking their exam.



We know that property and casualty insurance topics can be difficult to grasp. Because of this, we added over 100 detailed examples relatable to students to help them understand the terminology and concepts they need to know to pass the exam.


Integrated Videos

The course includes over 60 integrated videos that are visually appealing to enhance the student's learning experience. They incorporate new examples, demonstrate formulas, and walk students through difficult concepts step-by-step.

HubSpot Video

Engaging Activities

We have integrated over 150 matching, sorting, and sequencing activities to make the course more engaging and interactive. These activities encourage learners to think about the content and apply the knowledge they have learned so they can retain the information longer. All activities provide immediate feedback and positive reinforcement.

Chapter Reviews

Detailed chapter summaries have been incorporated to provide a comprehensive review of the key terms and concepts of each chapter. This feature provides students with an additional tool to use as a study aid and has a link to a printable PDF in the online course.


Personal Lines and Commercial Lines Review Chapters

These additional chapters have been added to the online course as an accumulative and comprehensive review of the personal and commercial lines content. Each chapter consists of fill-in-the-blank activities not included in the previous chapters. They serve as an effective assessment designed to challenge students to recall important terms and concepts.


Expanded Exam Question Pool

We expanded our chapter, comprehensive, and practice exam question pool to include additional scenario-based questions. These types of questions are representative of the more difficult state exam questions students will need to be prepared to answer. 



The Property and Casualty exam can be challenging to study for. The enhancements we have made will put you in a position to pass your exam on the first try! The Ultimate Guide to the Property and Casualty Exam will help you determine which topics to study.

Topics: Personal Lines, Prelicensing, Property & Casualty, Insurance

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