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Posted by Pam Reihs ● January 3, 2020

2020 Insurance Trends: Webinars on What You Need to Know

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Updated 12/14/2020 at 12:00pm CDT

What insurance technology topics can I expect in 2020?

It is an exciting time to be in the insurance industry! Want to know more about insuring a cannabis grower or how underwriting and claims use drones for handling claims? What kind of risks are there when operating an e-scooter or when renting rooms on AirBnB? Some issues are policy driven, others apply to insurance professionals at the consumer level. Popular topics have included:

  • Drones, Cannabis risks, Pet Insurance
  • Car-sharing, Ridesharing, Uber, Lyft, and TNC’s, e-Scooters (Lime, Bird, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Autonomous (self-driving) vehicles
  • Wearables, InsurTech, Digital home assistants
  • Travel insurance, AirBnB, Rental car insurance, Vacation rental insurance
  • Senior financial exploitation
  • Cyber awareness training, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin, Virtual currency
  • SECURE Act and Retirement Plans, CARES Act
  • Annuity Suitability/Best Interest regulation changes
  • COVID-19 insurance related issues
    • Business Interruption Coverage - state's proposing legislation to mandate payment on policies with viral or pandemic exclusions
    • Event Cancellation & Travel Insurance
    • Workers' Compensation & WFH
    • Employer Liability: risks when economy re-opens
    • Surplus Lines
    • Reopening businesses - learning to manage new risks
    • COVID-19 scams, fraud, and phishing email warnings
    • Remote testing for insurance licenses now available

How do I register?

Each month we explore the latest trends in the insurance and financial services industry. Registration is free, but seats are limited. See the schedule below to register:

Watch for emails about special webinars with guest speakers on key issues.

Past Webinars

December 10, 2020

2020 Year in Review + updates on Annuity Best Interest and Pet Insurance

View Recording

October 1, 2020

Topics:  Pet Insurance, Artificial Intelligence, and The Internet of Things. 

View Recording

August 27, 2020

Insurance Trends - Work From Home Coverage Gaps: Homeowners vs. Businessowners; Workers' Compensation presumptive coverage; WFH cyber liability risks? 

View Recording

August 12, 2020

Testing Opportunities with Pearson VUE During COVID-19

Joel Norris, Senior Director of Business Development with Pearson VUE joins John Meurs and Barb Gavitt to discuss the current landscape of test center availability and group testing opportunities. Joel provided an update on remote proctoring. Pearson VUE currently develops and administers insurance exams in 25 states.

View Recording

July 23, 2020

Insurance Trends - Remote testing, Annuity Best Interest update, A.D. Banker tools to make manager's work easier
View Recording

May 28, 2020

Insurance Trends - Re-Opening Businesses - Risks & Exposures

View Recording


May 13, 2020

Insurance Trends - COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims - Is There Coverage?

View Recording  Password:  NbDMg5JU

May 12, 2020

COVID-19 and Senior Investors: Scams, Regulatory Responses & Best Practices

View RecordingPassword:  GkAxBrT5

Can I get professional development credit?

Each Insurance Trends webinar qualifies for professional development certification upon request. If you are a member of the Securities and Insurance Licensing Association (SILA), it counts towards your designation CE requirement. 

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