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How to Get a Property and Casualty Insurance License

The insurance industry is state regulated which means that the licensing requirements will vary by state. Most applicants will be obtaining a combined P&C license. It is highly unlikely that you will need a Property-only or Casualty-only license, since most companies issue both types of policies, but it’s best to verify with the company you will be working… Read More »

What Can I Do with a Property & Casualty Insurance License?

  What can I do with a P&C insurance license? An insurance license is required for individuals to transact, or solicit and sell, property and casualty insurance and related products. By obtaining a P&C insurance license, an individual becomes authorized by a state to discuss a variety of policies that will provide peace of mind for your clients… Read More »

Why Now is the Time to Get Your Property & Casualty License

Property and Casualty Insurance is Essential for Financial Survival! So, exactly what IS Property and Casualty, or P&C, insurance? These are actually two distinct types of insurance. Property insurance is designed to protect against the financial loss an individual or business suffers upon the damage to one’s property. In other words, it protects our STUFF. Damages must be… Read More »

Property & Casualty Prelicensing Study Plans

By | April 22, 2016

A.D. Banker has developed free Property & Casualty Study Plans to help you stay on track during your studies and complete your education quickly so you can get your license and start growing your career. Scheduling your state exam before you start your study plan will help you pass your state exam on the first attempt. Your state exam should be… Read More »