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Posted by Barb Gavitt, CDEI, ITP, SILA-F ● March 30, 2016

Why Now is the Time to Become a Health Insurance Agent

Being a Health Insurance Agent

The Health Insurance Industry is Sizzling!

As the general population is aging, the need for health insurance is increasing. Despite changes in the regulatory environment, healthcare is expected to continue its rapid expansion. The need for licensed agents is on the rise!

What can I expect from a health insurance career?

Recent changes in the insurance industry have been dynamic and fast-paced, making this a stimulating and lucrative environment to work. Few individuals understand the incredible opportunity for success that exists in the insurance industry. The insurance business is a trillion – dollar industry which can lead to unlimited earning potential.

The insurance industry offers stability in your career. While many people are concerned with downsizing and losing their jobs, a study done by the Bureau of Labor statistics states that in the next ten to fifteen years the insurance industry will grow by 20 to 40 percent. In fact the Bureau estimates that employment in the industry will increase by approximately 9 percent by the year 2024.

One advantage of choosing a career in the insurance industry is that a college degree is not a requirement to enter the field. While advanced education can help in many areas, success in the industry is based on performance. Working hard and being passionate will provide opportunities that will increase your earnings and lead to promotions.

A career in insurance is not just about selling, but about educating and helping people in their time of need. While sales is a necessary ingredient, you are also providing a service everyone needs. As an insurance professional, you will guide customers in identifying the type of insurance needed, the level of coverage, and be able to help them purchase the right policy. In the end, you are providing security and peace of mind.

Because this industry is constantly changing, licensed agents will be required to complete ongoing or continuing education. This requirement will help you in your career by increasing your industry knowledge and keeping up with the latest products and industry trends.

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