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Posted by Alex McCoy ● February 1, 2021

Custom User Roles: New in A.D. Banker for Business

Custom User Roles Announcement Graphic

We are excited to announce the release of Custom User Roles in A.D. Banker for Business.

Data protection has become increasingly important to companies operating in the Financial Services Industry. To protect personal information, companies have adopted the principle of least privilege, an information security concept in which a user is given the minimum levels of access needed to perform a job function. Companies have implemented this principle as the standard for providing access to data.

What are Custom User Roles?

Custom User Roles allow your organization to create and assign customized permissions for your licensing management team within A.D. Banker for Business. Your organization can now provide access to stakeholders without having to worry about compromising security.
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How do Custom User Roles work?

Default User Roles

There are 5 default user roles available to every organization. These include:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Super Manager
  • Manager
  • Viewer

Custom User Roles Page in A.D. Banker for Business

Custom User Roles

If these user roles do not fit what you need, you are able to set up Custom User Roles that can be applied to many users. For example, if you have managers within your Organization who you would only like to access Continuing Education information, you can set up a user role for it. You can then apply the user role to everyone who just needs to see Continuing Education information.

Custom User Roles Slide out Editor in A.D. Banker for Business

Custom Permissions

If a user has a unique need for a set of permissions, you are able to modify that specific users permissions after applying a user role. Once modified, their permissions will change from the user role applied to a “Custom” set of permissions. These permissions will be unique to this user and cannot be applied to other users, unless you create a user role for it.

Here is a comprehensive list of customizable permissions available on release:


  • View Assigned Students
  • Invite Students
  • Edit Assigned Students
  • Remove Assigned Students


  • View Managers
  • Edit Managers
  • Assign Students to Managers

Prelicensing Courses

  • Access to Prelicensing
  • Export Prelicensing CSV Data

Continuing Education Courses

  • Access to Continuing Education
  • Export Continuing Education CSV Data

General Course Access

  • View Certificates
  • Access to Course Resources
  • Edit Course Resources

Progress Reports

  • Access to Progress Report
  • View Licensing Exam Results
  • Edit Licensing Exam Results


  • Access to Enrollment


  • Access Resources
  • Edit Resources

User Roles/Permissions

  • View User Permissions
  • Edit User Permissions

Custom Properties

  • View Custom Properties
  • Edit Custom Properties

New permission controls will be added as features are continually added to A.D. Banker for Business. To check out the new features, log in or sign up for an A.D. Banker for Business Organization account. Our Account Management team would also be happy to provide you a tour of the new features.

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