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Posted by Admin ● November 26, 2013

Anti-Money Laundering Training Courses

November 26, 2013:   A.D. Banker & Company announces their Anti-Money Laundering training courses are carrier approved to satisfy company-mandated AML training.

Insurance products are often the perfect "washing machine" to transform dirty money into clean.  Agents and brokers must remain ever vigilant in the fight against money-laundering schemes, and in order to do that, have to keep up with required AML training.  A.D. Banker's Anti-Money Laundering courses—Classroom, Webinar, Self-study, and Online—offer current and relevant insurance examples of the latest money-laundering cases, as well as a comprehensive overview of FinCen procedures for reporting suspicious activity. 

All A.D. Banker AML courses are approved for insurance continuing education in 50 jurisdictions and receive CFP credit when taught in the classroom or via live webinar.

Click Here to enroll  (choose your state - then select the delivery method that best meets your needs)

A.D. Banker & Company offers other Continuing Education live via classroom and webinar, as well as Online and Self-Study.  Other CE course topics include:  Annuity Suitability, Adjuster, Long-Term Care Partnership, Ethics, Flood, Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, Navigators, and many more.

Topics: Continuing Education, Anti-Money Laundering