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Posted by Alex McCoy ● March 28, 2019

Announcing Rapid Enrollment 2.0

Rapid Enrollment 2.0

 We are excited to announce a completely new Rapid Enrollment experience. The new Rapid Enrollment gives you:

  • A modernized, simple, and clean user interface
  • More customization for your students' experience
  • Better information, clearer instructions, and error messaging

Rapid Enrollment 2.0 makes enrollment quicker and easier, with more flexibility and customization over your licensing process than ever before.

What's new in Rapid Enrollment 2.0?

  • Enroll unlimited students in one click
  • Assign students to multiple managers
  • Upload any custom spreadsheet and map columns
  • Upload custom properties
  • Attach web links and documents to online courses (Resources)
  • Error checking before submitting your order
  • Clearer error messaging for what needs to be fixed
  • Student pay is now handled by each student after the order is placed
  • Set predefined enrollment template (package, resources, and assign multiple managers)
  • Save multiple credit cards for later use
  • Clear directions before uploading spreadsheet
  • Update package, resources, and assigned manager settings for many students at once, or individual students
  • Package IDs now displayed for use during spreadsheet upload
  • View detailed order history


Integration with the A.D. Banker for Business Platform

The most powerful upgrade to CE Tracking is the integration with the A.D. Banker for Business Platform. This platform provides you with a suite of features that enable customization and flexibility to easily manage the insurance and securities licensing process for your people in one simple and robust interface.


The new Rapid Enrollment experience can now be found in the “Enrollment” tab of the A.D. Banker for Business platform. We look forward to seeing you take advantage of the new features and would love to hear your feedback. Get in touch with our team for a quick demo, or sign up for an account to experience it yourself!

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