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Posted by Alex McCoy ● May 10, 2019

A.D. Banker for Business 2.0 Release

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We are excited to announce a major update to A.D. Banker for Business. These updates include a new CE Tracking, a new Rapid Enrollment, a completely new feature called Resources, and many other feature enhancements. Here's a look at the new features:

Continuing Education Tracking (Now Available)

CE Tracking has been completely redesigned with a modernized, simple, and clean user interface. Your student’s CE data is now in an easy to use table layout. It has the same user experience as Prelicensing Student Tracking, including sorting, filtering, searching, column editing and re-organizing, and integrated custom properties. A few key highlights are:

  • View Progress Reports for online courses
  • Track 26 columns, plus all custom properties
  • Search, sort, and flexible filtering

For Business-all

Rapid Enrollment

Rapid Enrollment has been completely redesigned with a modernized, simple, and clean user interface. Our goal is to give you more control over your licensing process, and that starts with enrollment. A few key highlights are:

  • Assign multiple managers to a single student
  • Add resources (documents and links) to students courses
  • Upload custom spreadsheets with custom properties


Resources are a completely new feature to A.D. Banker for Business. Resources allow you to upload relevant documents or web links to the platform and add those resources to your students courses. You can attach resources during or after enrollment. The resources you attach will show in your student's courses.

Other Enhancements

We have made many other feature enhancements based on your feedback. Here is a summary of those changes:


  • Navigation has been upgraded to take you directly to the view you need

Prelicensing Tracking

  • Added 22 trackable columns
  • Filters are retained when navigating away from the view
  • "Chapters Total" and "Chapters Complete" columns added to Tracking view
  • Certification Exam Date is now separate from Course Completion Date
  • Tracking columns now match spreadsheet export columns

Progress Reports

  • Progress reports now show Chapter section information including reading time, slides completed, slides total, and date completed

Student Profiles

  • Resources can now be managed from the course tile
  • CE Courses can be viewed in the student profile for all study methods
  • Manager access can be viewed and edited in the student profile


These upgrades are part of our mission to create the most robust and easy-to-use learning and licensing management system for you. With CE Tracking, Rapid Enrollment, and Resources now integrated into A.D. Banker for Business, managing your licensing process will be easier than ever. Streamline enrollment, tracking, and customize the platform to your companies' specific needs.

If you need help getting up and running on the new features, please to reach out to our customer success team.

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