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Posted by Tim Eads ● August 28, 2019

A.D. Banker & Company Meets WCAG Compliance Standards

A.D. Banker & Company Meets 2.1 WCAG Compliance Standards

We are excited to announce that the A.D. Banker & Company website, learning management system, flashcard app, and A.D. Banker for Business platform now meet the 2.1 A and AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

WCAG defines instructions websites must follow to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. The WCAG lays out principles that state a website should be able to be seen, operated, understood, and interpreted by all users, including those with sense or motor skill limitations that may require the use of assistive technology (equipment, software, product systems, etc.).

Meeting WCAG compliance not only helps users who need assistive technology, but improves the user experience for all students using the A.D. Banker platform. This more inclusive user experience allows for multiple ways to navigate and interact with the A.D. Banker website, ensuring students are able to study in a way that works best for their needs and study habits. Creating an online experience that accommodates every adult learner that enrolls in one of our courses is at the core of our curriculum.

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Key compliance standards our developers focused improvements on include:

  • Keyboard Accessibility
    • Students can navigate the website and courses using only a keyboard.
  • Screen Readers
    • Students can read and navigate the website using descriptive text on all major elements including buttons, images, and form inputs.
  • Color Contrast Ratio
    • All text, links, and other informative elements used meet color contrast requirements for users with reduced visibility and color blindness.
    • Color is used only in addition to other alert methods when indicating actions that need to be taken by the student.
  • Video Captions
    • As supplemental video content is released or updated within online courses, they are held to the 1.2.2 Captions standard.
    • Course videos are only used as supplemental material to the information already written in the course.

The A.D. Banker team continues to conduct internal audits of the accessibility of the A.D. Banker platforms to verify compliance standards are met and exceeded. We strive to maintain equal access to our course materials for all people. Any questions or feedback regarding website accessibility can be submitted through support.adbanker.com.

Topics: Securities, For Business, Insurance

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